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Our Community Our Kids Permanency Specialists provide conservatorship case management to youth and families from the time children are removed from their home all the way through permanency, in Texas Region 3b. 

Conservatorship duties include engaging the biological family in assessment, service planning, visitation, and all other tasks that will assist in determining their readiness for their children to return home.

By assuming conservatorship case management, OCOK brings together child and family service delivery in a new and innovative manner. We believe that engaging the biological family early and in a meaningful way, while providing high-quality parenting services, will create a chance for them to heal and repair so that their child can return home timely and safely.

We also believe that if a family is not able to make the needed changes with these interventions, the court will have the information they need to move the child on to other permanent home options such as relative placements or adoption.

OCOK responsibilities include oversight of the child’s safety and well-being while in care as well as determination of the child’s permanency needs. A key component of conservatorship case management is working together with court officials through preparation of court reports, court attendance, and testifying to assist the court in determining the best permanency option for the child.