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Professional Home-Based Care

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Professional Home-Based Care (PHBC) provides hope for children that are struggling with stability; a child whose behaviors are hard to manage, or “intense.” These young people have experienced unimaginable trauma, as well as the pain of moving from one placement to another, often to different psychiatric hospitals and treatment centers far from home. Special care is required to work with higher needs children so they can heal and prepare to move into a forever family.

Living in a certified PHBC foster home is meant to be temporary—9 to 12 months—to help stabilize the child and help drive their permanency plan forward. This also gives time for the biological family to rebuild and get healthy so their family can be reunited.

PHBC foster parents are professional foster parents that have participated in an enhanced training program to teach them to use their creativity and consistency to become committed caregivers.

Advantages of being a PHBC Foster Parent

  • You will make a real impact on the life of a child

  • 24/7 support is available

  • There is the potential for full-time family income

  • You will receive ongoing training

  • You will join a team of experts serving vulnerable youth

Qualifications to Become a PHBC Family

  • Families must have at least one stay-at-home parent

  • There can be no biological children younger than the age of three (3) living in the home

  • Parent(s) must have experience working with challenging children

  • The family must be committed to providing trauma-informed care

What is PHBC?

If you are interested in changing a child’s life and helping that child heal, contact an OCOK contract agency that assists with PHBC certification and child placement.