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Therapeutic Foster Care

Our Community Our Kids is seeking foster parents with extraordinary skills and who are willing to participate in specialized training to become Therapeutic foster homes.

Therapeutic Foster Care is a support and learning system that works for children with more severe behavioral, physical, or emotional needs. The goal is to keep youth in their community living in a healthy family unit until they can be reunited with their natural family, adopted, or learn to live independently.

Therapeutic foster parents are loving, reliable, structured, affectionate, supportive, dedicated, and compassionate. Basic requirements for successful Therapeutic parents include:

Age 21 and older

Single, divorced, married, or widowed

No major life changes or challenges within the past year

Financially stable

Pre-service training

Adequate space

Positive home study

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Therapeutic foster parent, take these easy next steps.

Visit and research agencies that are licensed by the state of Texas. Select one agency and let them know that you are interested in partnering with them. The agency you choose will guide you through the next steps of the verification process.

Every child deserves a home.